The childbearing year is one filled with such a wide range of mixed emotions! At no other time in our lives are we faced with such extremes in mental, emotional and physical feelings! To really explore and enjoy this time, we all need as much support as possible. This support allows us to not only receive the love and nurturing that we need, but also gives us the knowledge and confidence to appreciate and thrive during this time!

While we all have an inner knowing about how to birth and look after our children, there is also so much that needs to be learned. We learn by observing others, and by being taught. But in our culture, much of that is missing, and so we need to seek out those who we feel a connection to, that will help us on our journey towards parenthood.

Doulas can provide this support, support that is caring, knowledgeable, empathetic, and non-judgemental. My role is to help you create the necessary steps and environment, to ease your way into parenthood or a new baby, and to help you get the very most you can out of this amazing, beautiful time!

  Why Support Through the Childbearing Year?

The support I offer as a Doula is idealy throughout the childbearing year. I can offer you support at anytime throughout that year that you want it, but I do find that the more we view the different aspects of pregnancy, birthing and postpartum together, the better our results will be.

So much of preparing for labour and birth, for example, and for the arrival of a new baby, can be done during pregnancy. For labour and birth, we can really explore what your desires are, what your concerns are, and how we can best create the environment to facilitate these desires. For the postpartum period, we can set up your networks, learn the basics of breastfeeding, prepare for some of the changes you will all face, and just have the things on hand that might help you and that you will need.

During labour we will be working together. You will have someone by your side to help you both deal with whatever unfolds, and helping the two of you work together, and keep each other going.

Once the baby arrives, you will have help with baby care, breastfeeding (working with you until you feel comfortable with breastfeeding) and setting up your own support network. You will be cared for with the knowledge of what you, the baby, and the rest of the family may be going through, and also helped with light errands/house cleaning/meal preparation and sibling care, so that you can have the time you need to get to know the new baby. This care will often continue into the first few months, as needed.

By working together throughout the childbearing year (or whatever part of that year pertains to you), we can deal with all the different issues the come up for both of you and the baby as you each go through new phases of development and growth!