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Offering private prenatal classes in your home, at a time convenient to you.  These classes are customized to your particular needs.

The main reason for childbirth education classes, is for you to head into your birth feeling empowered.
  • For the mom:
    • the most important thing to know, is that you already have all that you need to birth your baby. Your body and baby know what to do
  • For the dad or partner:
    • all you really need to head into this, is to know that your connection to the mom is what she needs.

Then, Knowledge...

If both of you then have some basic knowledge, this can help you understand the birthing process, know better what to expect, and feel prepared.   We will go over the things that you feel particularly affect you; your concerns, worries, issues etc… 

We will generally cover:

  • the basic stages of labour (knowing when labour is beginning, when to contact your care provider, what to expect as labour progresses, what to have on hand...)
  • comfort measures to help the birthing woman cope, and how the partner can help her cope
  • understanding how women are functioning when in the throes of labour, to better understand what she will need


  • what to expect at your place of birth, either home or hospital
  • early newborn behaviour, and what to expect
  • breastfeeding information, and how to get the help you need
  • what the early days with your new baby will be like

Classes are availble in several formats, depending on your needs. They are available as: basic childbirth education; more in-depth (covering more information, and going into more detail); or as refreshers, for subsequent babies. Also available, is a prenatal education class in pregnancy, followed by a couple of visits after baby is born, to help with any issues.