labour and birth doula

doula massage during labourDoula support through pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding, and mother, baby and family care.


As a Labour and Birth Doula, I can offer support by:

doula massage during labour
  • meeting at various stages throughout your pregnancy, to build trust and offer emotional support and nurturing
  • go over ways to deal with labour
  • go over your vision of the birth, and figure out ways to help make that happen
  • offering basic childbirth education
  • helping you to prepare for the babies arrival by:
    • setting up a good support network
    • learning the basics about breastfeeding
    • learning the basics of what to expect with your new baby
    • having the necessary baby supplies on hand
  • arriving to your home when you are ready for me in early labour
  • staying with you throughout labour until a few hours after the baby is born, either at home or at hospital, offering emotional, physical and mental support as needed
  • being available by phone and email, and providing handouts as needed
  • providing you with a written birth story
  • providing several postpartum visits to:
    • help with breastfeeding
    • demonstrating baby care
    • offer emotional support
    • demonstrating baby soothing and wearing
    • give you community referals and contacts
    • help out around the house
    • offer coping skills
    • assist with postpartum issues, like postpartum depression